Audiology Specialty Clinic is the realization of a dream by three Sioux Falls Audiologists. 

Melinda Heegel, Dr. Kristen Kaufman and Dr. Lindsey Koch have over 50 years of combined experience in the hearing care field. Now independent, they provide audiological rehabilitation services to children and adults across the entire age span.  They select, fit, and dispense hearing instruments and related devices without regard to a narrow range of manufacturer, thus selecting the best device for each patient.  Melinda, Kristen and Lindsey pledge to make every decision in favor of you, their patient.   

The mission of Audiology Specialty Clinic is a simple but important one:

     "We are professionally, ethically, and personally committed to providing
     the excellent care patients have a right to expect and will do so in a timely,
     caring, and pressure-free environment."

Audiology Specialty Clinic offers a full-range of hearing health-care needs for the entire family including:

     ~  hearing evaluations

     ~  hearing aid consultations, sales, fittings and services

     ~  cochlear implant and bone-anchored device programming

     ~  custom ear-molds

     ~  Tinnitus (ringing) managment

For the Sioux Empire's best in professional service, product and price - all in a gimmick-free environment - make an appointment to see us today!

Audiology Specialty Clinic accepts most major insurance plans.

Audiology Specialty Clinic participates with Care Credit, a national payment
plan designed specifically for health care needs.

Call for an appointment
We are open Monday through Friday, from 8:00 - 5:00

Audiology Specialty Clinic
5124 South Western Avenue, Suite 4
Sioux Falls, SD  57108

(Conveniently located at the corner of Western
and Ralph Rodgers Road in southern Sioux Falls)

(605) 275-5545


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